New Release + Review: Inspired By You by Steph Nuss

Title: Inspired by You
Series: Love in the City Series
Author: Steph Nuss
Genre: Contemporary Romance 18+
Release Date: May 10, 2018
Fame made him selfish.
Hollywood heartthrob, Maxton Waters, has just been named the World’s Sexiest Man Alive. Women fantasize about him. Men want to be him. The paparazzi continuously follow him. His ego is definitely larger than his heart.
Poverty made her grateful.
Whitley Gonzalez has made a life for herself after growing up in and out of homeless shelters. Now a hardworking nurse, she spends her spare time raising her son alone and giving back to the community that helped raise her.
But when Max is sentenced to hours of community services and placed under the single mom’s thumb, working together proves harder than they ever expected, inspiring an unlikely love in the city.
*Can be read as a standalone*
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Hot Hollywood actor plus single mom with an adorable son equal super sweet swoon worthy romance in this deliciously addictive read! Inspired by you hits you right in the feels. I loved everything about it! From characters that are flat out wonderful to flawless writing that has you quickly swept up in the story. If you’re looking for something that gives you pure heartfelt sweetness with the perfect amount of heat, look no further!

Max is a good man who’s made bad choices. Right from the beginning he’s already taking steps to change himself for the better making it easy to like him. Whitley is a single mom to an incredible little boy. Devoted to not only her son, but helping those in need she’s a kind woman with a heart of gold. When these two first meet there’s instant sparks, but Whitley has Max as the arrogant movie star in her head.

As they spend more time together she quickly begins to see the real Max, a sweet, sexy, and generous man. Their relationship was equal parts so sweet it hurts and perfectly steamy. Surrounded by friends and family who are just as amazing every page is wonderful!

Candy at Prisoners of Paint – “Love. Adore. Smitten for. Crazy about. Infatuated with.”

Author Kelly Siskind – “The chemistry between Whitley and Max was stellar. Fun banter.”

Britt Red Hatter Book Blog – “If you’re looking for something that gives you pure heartfelt sweetness with the perfect amount of heat, look no further!”

Steph Nuss was born and raised in rural Kansas, where she currently resides with her black Labrador son named Gunner. She grew up with a passion for reading and writing. When she’s not immersed into the land of fiction, she enjoys listening to music that came before her time, watching movies and reruns of her favorite shows, and hanging out with her family and friends. She also has a bachelor’s degree in psychology that she’ll never use…unless she’s profiling her characters of course.


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