Book Review: Sacrifice by Krys Adams

Delilah Tabor was ready to give up on life when her Soldier husband passed away while deployed, if not for her best friend Lexie she would have slipped away into depression. Lexie knows that Delilah needs a new start in life, it’s time to put her old life behind her. So she convinces Delilah to buy a bakery with her, and move to the coast of North Carolina. Shortly after arriving Delilah meets Maddox Pane, a local Firefighter who slowly begins to mend her shattered heart. As Delilah falls more in love, she doesn’t realize that danger lurks on every corner. Because her dead husband wasn’t who he said he was, and Delilah has an object that the crime world craves. If all this wasn’t bad enough, Delilah’s dead husband isn’t really dead after all. When the dust settles big decisions must be made…Who will she choose?

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Krys Adams beautifully mixes a heartwarming romance with fantastic humor and nail biting suspense in Sacrifice. More than just romance this book is about surviving and overcoming. With fantastic characters and true emotion I was quickly swept up in Delilah and Maddox’s story! Delilah was not just adorably sweet, she was incredibly strong. What she goes through is enough to break even the strongest of people. I loved that we are able to see not only the before and after for her, but the in between while she heals. It made her so real to experience her journey fully. With an amazing (and hilariously crazy) friend like Lexie to help her along the way there was non-stop entertainment. When these two land in their new home we’re quickly introduced to what becomes a loving and protective new family. Maddox is immediately drawn to Delilah the second he sees her and the attraction is mutual but with their two best friends antics it seems like something is always in the way. I loved the natural and sweet build up to the absolutely swoon worthy love these two have!


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