New Release + Review: Fools Rush In by Lilliana Anderson

Title: Fools Rush In
Series: A Cartwright Brother Romance
Author: Lilliana Anderson
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: April 30, 2018
I was a good girl. But I wanted him, knowing he was a thief. Did that make me bad?
Before Sam, I was the most boring, awkward and level-headed person you’d ever met. I was my best friend’s side-kick, the supporting actress to another person’s life. 

And I was OK like that. 
I was lonely. 
But I was OK. 

Then he came along. Our eyes locked and BANG my heart started beating. As my blood warmed and pumped around my body, everything changed. Before that moment, I had been as dead inside as my mortuary ‘clients’. 

Now I was alive, experiencing things for the first time, enamoured with a man I knew to be a criminal. 
Instead of running and remaining the good Christian girl I was, I married him. 
Now, I had to live with the consequences of that decision.
FOUR 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt

Action packed, emotionally charged, and flat out fun Fools Rush In had me hooked from the very start! I actually didn’t read the first book, but from what I’m gathering this book starts running parallel from some of book one, but shows you everything from Sam and Alesha’s point of view. I wasn’t lost at all starting from their story, but I definitely want to go back and read the first book now! With a running theme of family before everything else and a romance that tugs at your heart strings it was easily to fall in love with the entire Cartwright family.

Sam may be a thief in a family of criminals but that doesn’t stop him from being an incredibly sweet and gentle man. Right from the very beginning he treated Alesha as if she was the most precious thing in his world. Alesha is sweet and much, much stronger than she gives herself credit for. Always feeling like she wasn’t enough for anyone in her life, she thrives with the unique love and tight bond of the Cartwright family. With Sam she truly blossoms though. These two may have their rocky moments but the love between them is stronger than I think either of them realizes. I can’t wait for more of this family!

Bestselling Author of the Beautiful Series, Drawn and 47 Things, Lilliana has always loved to read and write, considering it the best form of escapism that the world has to offer.
Australian born and bred, she writes New Adult Romance revolving around her authentically Aussie characters with all the quirks you’d expect from those born Down Under.
Lilliana feels that the world should see Australia for more than just it’s outback and tries to show characters in a city and suburban setting.
When she isn’t writing, she wears the hat of ‘wife and mother’ to her husband and four children.
Before Lilliana turned to writing, she worked in a variety of industries and studied humanities and communications before transferring to commerce/law at university.
Originally from Sydney’s Western suburbs, she currently lives a fairly quiet life in suburban Melbourne.


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