New Release + Review: Hunter’s Mark by Wendy Smith



Title: Hunter’s Mark
Series: Copper Creek #4
Author: Wendy Smith
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 26, 2018

No one has
ever said no to Ash Harris—until Constance Shaw. But when the grudge he holds
against her finally comes to a head, Constance must run to save her life …
… right
into the arms of Corey Campbell.
The only
other occupant of the mountain, Corey’s perfectly happy with the life he leads.
Sure, it’s a little lonely, but he does what he wants when he wants.
Constance shows up on his doorstep, the gentle giant with the big heart finds
it hard to say no to her.
Turns out
she’s exactly what he needs.



Julia’s 🎩🎩🎩🎩 hat review:

Hunter’s Mark is a mushy, sweet story with a little suspense thrown in. Constance lives in a commune and after her childhood friend becomes the leader and goes crazy she’s decided to escape. On the other side of the fence she meets Corey. Corey is a protective darling whom I fell in love with almost instantly. Constance may be naive to the world around her but she’s feisty and full of sass. I loved her spirit and drive. Both fall in love in an unlikely situation.

I fell in love quickly with all the characters. Corey has a huge group of family and they were all so welcoming to Constance. The banter between characters were sweet and sassy. The writing kept me fully entertained. It’s easy to get lost in all of these characters with their struggles and achievements.

I will add, this may be more enjoyable if you read the others in the series first. I did not but it didn’t take me long to figure out who was who.




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Author Bio
Wendy Smith published as Ariadne Wayne for 3 years before deciding she didn’t want to be someone else all the time. Heavily influenced by stories in the media, she decided to try something new, and the Copper Creek series was born. With lots of love and a touch of darkness, her stories will twist their way into your heart.


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