Audiobook Review: Sometimes You Win by Stacy Eaton

Sometimes You Win by Stacy Eaton

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Julie Walters, Gene Branson

Length: 4 hrs, 19 mins




Haley Rosewood’s life has never been easy, especially not with a class-A jerk for a boss and a marketing job that barely pays her enough to provide a roof over her daughter’s head and food for the table. Every day is a struggle, and the thought of being romantically involved with anyone is a dream she doesn’t dare indulge.

Devon Carrington is the type of man to give the shirt off his back to anyone in need, and when he finds Haley struggling through a bad day, he does everything he can. In return, he asks that she help him pick out lottery numbers and tells her that if he wins, she gets half.

When the winning numbers are drawn and Devon and Haley learn that they have won, can the two of them put their one-night stand behind them and build something for the future? Find out in Sometimes You Win.

Sometimes You Win is part of the Sometimes Series that includes three stories: Sometimes You win, Sometimes You Lose, and Sometimes You Play the Game.


Single mom Haley is stuck in a dead end job with an awful boss, but she keeps chugging on for the sake of her and her daughter. And because no one else is there to rescue her. On a particularly bad day she finds herself stranded. Enter Devon, a super sweet, caring, and attentive not-quite-stranger who lends a hand when most needed.

While the beginning drew me in quickly, the middle of the story felt a bit far fetched even for a romance novel. The conflict between Haley and Devon felt forced at times. Also, the end didn’t leave me satisfied. It wasn’t a true happily ever after for me. Overall, Sometimes You Win is an ultra sweet romance with a ton of heart. There’s plenty of sweet romance and plenty of swoon compliments of Devon. I’m hoping that there will be more in store for these characters since it is part of a series.

This was my first time listening to both Julie Walters and Gene Branson. While both of their narrations were good, they wasn’t great. Variation for the different characters was minimal. Pacing was great and their voices were pleasing to listen to, but that special something was missing to make it a five star narration.


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