Review Tour: Laced With Fear by Hayley Faiman

Title: Laced with Fear
Series: Cash Bar Book 1
Author: Hayley Faiman
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: April 23, 2018
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

Laced With Fear is nonstop action packed from start to finish. Every time I thought “AH HA! Now they’ve got the bad guys” *BAM* I’d be hit with something else that left my mouth hanging open. I was constantly on edge the entire time I was reading and I floved it! Between the suspense and the incredible romance I’m not sure I even blinked while I devoured every single page.

Not only was this story action packed with romance that will completely sweep you off your feet it also has some of the greatest characters I’ve ever read. They’re real, not perfect. Both Ginger and Prescott aka snake have scars and flaws and that serves to only make them better. You could feel every emotion coming from them. From pure love to every ounce of fear and worry. They had me completely wrapped up in their world. I’m dying for more!

“This was really a fast paced book that had me hooked.” – Tammy Cole

“Laced With Fear is nonstop action packed from start to finish.” – Britt Red Hatter Book Blog

Ginger knows evil. She’s looked it straight in the eye. Now, she is determined to overcome her fears—one day at a time.

Her life began again, with a second chance at love.

Snake, the president of the Notorious Devils, understands guilt. Every time he looks at his pregnant wife, that guilt threatens to consume him.

He’s a new man now. A changed man—or at least that’s what he tells himself.

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to, Violence, Language, and Sexual Content.

I was born and raised in California. My husband and I met when I was just 16. We were married a few years later, moving to Oregon while he was in the US Coast Guard.

Texas is now where we call home, where our boots rest, and where we’re raising our two little boys and a chocolate lab named Optimus Prime.


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