Audiobook Review: Our Unscripted Story By L. A. Fiore

Our Unscripted Story by L.A. Fiore

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Aaron Shedlock, Tracy Marks

Length: 11 hrs, 17 mins




Greyson Ratcliffe. I met him at sixteen, the hot new guy sitting on my jetty, an aspiring artist just passing through. He was my first kiss and my first love. I wanted forever with him. I didn’t even get a year.

Five years later, I’m a budding writer who scripts stories of love and struggle, the good and the bad and the ups and the downs. He’s a star on the rise—his wicked talent and crazy good looks have his face plastered on countless magazines. We move in two different worlds and still our paths cross again. We’re older and wiser and as crazy about each other as we had been as teenagers.

My medium is words and my imagination is limitless, but not even I could have written the incredible journey we traveled to reach our happily-ever-after. Life isn’t like fiction, and the greatest love stories don’t follow a script.

*Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.


There are many reasons I love L. A. Fiore’s writing, but the main one is how she manages to make me feel as if I’m transported into each of her stories. Our Unscripted Story was no different and I loved every minute of it. This was the story of Greyson and Alexis. They meet as teenagers and have an instead and strong connection. But life had other plans for them that lead them in different directions. Now it’s five years later and suddenly their paths cross and the connection they had is still there and just as strong as ever. Gah! This second chance romance and the couple it stars were beautiful. Greyson is a drool-worthy hero with the best Irish accent ever and Alexis is such a wonderfully strong heroine despite her cracks. I was sucked in from the very start and I rooted for them so hard throughout the story so they could find their happily ever after.

Narration for this audio was done by Aaron Shedlock and Tracy Marks and what a performance by both! They both absolutely dazzle with their spot-on Irish accents and help bring to life these characters with their stellar performances. Their chemistry narrating together and their incredible storytelling helped me get lost in this already fantastic story. This is beyond worth a credit. It’s a must listen audio for 2018. Five stars.


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