Release Tour + Review: In The Gray: A. D. McCammon

Title: In The Gray
Series: In This Moment
Author: A.D. McCammon
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 19, 2018
“There isn’t always a clean beginning and ending to every story. Instead of something being black or white, it’s a mixture of both, forming a nice shade of gray.”

Writer Lori Stevens was eighteen when she was assaulted by her mentor, learning people aren’t always what they seem the hard way. She’s found solace living in the gray, keeping everyone at arm’s length with her secrets safely tucked away.

When the biggest story of her career hits too close to home, Lori is forced to face her demons and question everything—like her feelings for Steven Duncan. 

Steven was meant to be nothing more than a failed one-night stand, but when a cruel twist of fate brings him back into her life, she begins falling for him. 

There’s one slight problem: he’s dating her best friend.

Officer Steven Duncan is no stranger to tragedy, but that never stopped him from searching for his fairytale. Now, he’s dating the perfect girl, only it’s the wrong girl who feels right.

Steven is willing to fight for Lori—to step outside the boundaries of his black and white world—but can they find happiness living in the gray?
Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars from Ari

This story was so unexpected. I didn’t think it would take it in the direction that it did, but I’m so glad for the ride I went on.

First of all the writing is beautiful. The emotions drip off each page and had me feeling every emotion right along with Lori and Ethan. Together they were a beautiful couple in the sometimes chaos of emotions. Ethan was absolutely perfect for Lori. His patience and unwillingness to give up on her had me in a constant state of swoon. Lori doesn’t make it easy for him to be close to her because of the walls she’s put up and since she can be self sabotaging, but Ethan doesn’t give up. Despite his persistence he was still gentle and careful with her and I loved him more for it.

I really loved this book. It wasn’t easy to read at times. It tackles such a difficult subject of abuse in a respectful manner. The story and writing are raw, real, and heartbreaking while also giving hope. 5 stars.

“McCammon did a fantastic job of writing a book that deals with issues that are rather dark but she does it so well.” – Stephanie (Goodreads)

“Such a powerful, honest and pertinent story -” – Stacy Wray (Goodreads)

“This book was amazing and beautifully told. It hits subjects that may make you shutter in disgust and want to punch someone but it is done so well.” – I Don’t Get Sundays Blog

Amber McCammon is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and avid reader who also happens to write contemporary romance/women’s fiction. She currently has two self-published novels, In This Moment and Crushed. In the Gray, releasing April 19th, is the third book in her standalone series. The fourth is expected to release in late 2018. 

Amber lives in Tennessee, born and raised, though she recently left her heart in the PNW. She’s a Ravenclaw, fall is her favorite season, and she believes that music is food for the soul.

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