Audiobook Review: Road Trip by Marla Josephs

Road Trip by Marla Josephs

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Chloe Hampton

Length: 4 hrs, 11 mins




Before her latest assignment, Morgan Andrews was certain she had the best job on the planet. She gets paid to travel the world, evaluate 5-star accommodations, fine dining, and exotic locales. Life just doesn’t get any better. But, it can get worse. Suddenly her job doesn’t feel so glamourous when she’s assigned to map out a road trip to Idaho for budget travelers. And, she won’t be going alone. She’s been paired on this assignment with Mr. Ladies Man himself, Avery Dalton, of all people. Resigned to her fate, she keeps reminding herself she just has to get through 7-8 days in a not so exotic locale with a man who’ll likely be too busy admiring himself to do his job. Then, she can go back to her more luxurious assignments. But, what if Avery isn’t the type of man she thought he was?


This was such a sweet slow-burn kind of romance. Normally I like more steam in my romances, but Morgan and Avery’s trip, both on the road and navigating through their relationship, was an adventure worth taking.

Marla Josephs paints such a wildly vivid picture of everything Morgan and Avery experience along their trip. From wine tasting to their blossoming relationship. It’s like I was there in the backseat with them. A bit of a departure from her typical style of writing. Road Trip was lighter, funnier, and fun, but so great just like everything else Ms. Josephs writes.

Narration was done by Chloe Hampton. It was my first time listening to her and I really enjoyed it. Her voice has a really tranquil quality, but she also manages to endure plenty of energy into her narration. I really liked her ability to change her voice to fit different characters and found it easy to get lost in the story thanks in part to her awesome narration and wishing it didn’t end so soon. I’ll definitely be looking into more audiobooks voiced by her. 5 stars.


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