New Release + Review: Mountain Manhattan by Frankie Love

Mountain Manhattan (Mountain Man in The Big City Book One) by Frankie Love

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Julia’s Review:

Ford and Mia is perfection. I love this book so hard! Ford, a mountain man from Colorado, is commissioned to make a sculpture in Central Park. He’s hot. He’s a flirt. He’s also had a rough go the last few years. Mia works in the hotel that Ford is staying in for the next six weeks and sparks fly as soon as they meet. Mia is so strong. Her mother died leaving her in the care of her little brother and sister and she’s trying her hardest to make sure they have everything they need. Mountain Manhattan is an adorable love story about two people finding their wings and saving each other.

I was lost in Manhattan and the characters that live there. Mia impressed me so much with her drive to be the best caregiver to her siblings. She put her whole life aside to make sure they were ok and they thrived. Ford comes across as a flirt, he is, and a man who is only looking for a good time. But he is so much more than that. The tragedy he’s lived through shaped him to be a grumpy man from the mountains. Mia helped heal him and become the man he wanted and needed to be. I loved it! The growth between Mia and Ford and the overall family dynamics had me falling in love quickly.



Title: Mountain Manhattan

A Mountain Man in the Big City Novel

Author: Frankie Love
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2018

I work with my hands in the Colorado Rockies, forging metal into massive sculptures. I’m no Renaissance man–I’m simple–all I need is fresh air, solitude, and an honest day’s work.

When I’m commissioned to install a piece of art in Central Park, I know the gig is too good to pass up. But the moment I arrive in Manhattan, where skyscrapers ruin the view, I’m longing for my cabin on the mountain.


Then I meet Mia and the Big Apple changes before my very eyes. This city girl is working the front desk of the Mid-Manhattan Hotel when I check in and I can’t help but check her out. Dark hair, a laugh that fills the room, and curves that wind their way straight to my heart.
It starts as a whirlwind romance–but it quickly grinds to a halt. Mia’s been given notice at her job and since she’s raising her siblings in the hotel’s basement–they need a place to live, too. Her life is complicated. And I don’t do complicated.
I could survive in the wilderness for a long ass time–but I’m not lost in the woods. Right now, I’m trying to find my way out of this concrete jungle. Only trouble is, Mia is the detour I didn’t see coming.
But she just might be the road that leads me home.


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Releasing June 14, 2018

Author Bio

Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men.

❤Get ready to fall in love … you deserve it!❤
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