TBR Alert + Review: Heart Beats by K.L. Myers


The Razor’s Edge Series by K.L. Myers returns March 26th with book 2, HEART BEATS!

Add this Rocker Contemporary Romance to your TBR on Goodreads today!

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt! K.L. Myers continues to wow me with every book. Heart Beats ripped my heart out and put it back together in the way only an epically good book can. Right from the first page Rocky and Kathy pulled me in with their instant sparks. I was so engrossed in their story it felt like I blinked and hours had passed without me even realizing. This is one of those reads you just can’t put down!

I adored Rocky. Very much flawed and struggling, he still had one of the sweetest most gentle hearts I’ve ever seen. His love for Kathy runs so deep. She truly is his light in the darkness. She’s also exactly what he needed. Strong, independent, sassy, and loving. Kathy is one of those characters you read and just love. Mixed in with all this epic romance is an even deeper story of struggling and overcoming addiction.

K.L. Myers does a beautiful job of writing some of the most truly real characters. Every bit of pain along with every bit of pure love could be felt right along with Rocky and Kathy. It made for a book that goes beyond being good, it’s incredible.

Heart Beats eBook.jpg

I lived for the rock and roll lifestyle. She didn’t belong in my world…
At the age of four, I held my first set of drumsticks.
I was hooked. All I ever wanted to do was beat out a rhythm.
By the time I was thirteen, I was obsessed with becoming famous.
By the time I was twenty-one, Razor’s Edge was a household name.
I was the rock star I’d always dreamed of.
I was living the dream: fast cars, and faster women.
I was hooked on what turned out to be an illusion.
Yes, I was famous. Yes, I was rich.
Yet no one told me I would ever be this unhappy.
Drugs, booze, and women became my vice.
I was on a path to destruction,
counted more visits to rehab than beats I could tap out on a drum.
I was trapped in a world I couldn’t escape.
But from my darkest days emerged a shining light.
Will her light be bright enough to survive my hell,
or will my darkness kill the only happiness I’ve ever found?
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Man kissing woman while she is on top of him
Heart Beats wrap.jpg
KL Myers was born an Air Force “brat” in West Berlin, Germany moving with her family from Germany to Colorado to “hell”, aka Arizona where she resides with her husband David & their fur babies (3 cats & a dog). They have 2 grown daughters & 3 grandchildren.
KL has a passion for collecting PEZ dispensers & hot romance. When she isn’t juggling family & a full-time executive job, KL indulges her other passion- writing.
Her books & novellas show a pension for a bad boy with a heart of gold. Coupling her bad boys with strong, independent women who don’t need rescuing, just maybe a taste of naughty redemption! Her characters will pull you in & leave you satiated, yet panting for more, More, MORE!

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