New Release + Review: Finding Solace by Crystal Daniels & Sandy Alvarez

Title: Finding Solace
Series: The Kings of Retribution MC
Author: Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2018
A moment is all it takes to change your life forever.
Reid Carter—Road Captain for The Kings of Retribution MC.
He was born into the life.
A world where you live and play by your own rules.
Tragedy strikes, taking the life of his younger brother Noah leaving him to pick up the broken pieces.
Four years later he still wanders through his existence bitter and jaded by the hand he was dealt.
Until Mila and her daughter walk into his life making him feel whole again.

Single mother Mila Vaughn knows what it’s like to struggle every day. 
When her skills place her into the arms of outlaw biker Reid Carter;
Sheltering her heart from him proves more complicated than Mila prepared herself for.
Chaos finds its way to their hometown;
Reid will stop at nothing to protect the woman he wants and his future.
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt

Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels continue to build a series that grows to be more and more incredible with each book they write. They blew me away with their debut novel, amazed me with the second addition to the series, and now with Finding Solace I have no words for how outstanding this book truly is. Finding Solace takes everything I adore about their writing and these characters and ramps it up a thousand times. I could have easily lived with my head in this book for all time and been one very happy woman.

Masters at creating full alpha males that are still loving and gentle men with their women and families, Sandy and Crystal deliver the perfect man in Reid. Definitely not flawless, but perfect nonetheless, Reid was so easily to fall in love with. Even at his lowest the true beauty of his kind soul shines through. That doesn’t take away one bit from the all male bada#$ biker that he is, but it does make him extra delicious. I adored him not only with Mila, but with Mila’s daughter Ava also. Quickly becoming a caring male role model in her life, it was precious to see the big bad biker fall so hard for an adorable little girl.

Mila is one strong woman with a heart of gold. A true momma bear she loves fiercely and dedicates her life to caring for others. Her brightness was exactly what Reid needed in his life making these two a couple that I couldn’t help but adore! Between the heart melting romance and epic twists and turns, Finding Solace was a book I lost my self in almost immediately!

We are sisters who both share a passion for books. Our obsession for bad boys, alpha males, angst, romance, hot, sexy, and happily ever after has lead us on a journey, a dream to not only read all the incredible stories we love so much, but to write one of our own. 

Both born in Illinois, then moved to Wyoming, were we spent part of our childhood before moving to Mississippi.

Crystal lives in Pearl Mississippi with her husband of twenty-one years, two sons and their two dogs.

Sandy lives in Brandon Mississippi with her husband of eleven years, and four kids.


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