New Release + Review: To The Fall by Prescott Lane

To The Fall by Prescott Lane

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Julia’s Review:

Has a book ever been so tragically beautiful that it leaves you speechless? Makes you feel as if you speak you will break the spell that the book weaved? This book has done that to me. I’m not even sure how to review a book that leaves me like this. How do I adequately say I loved it and it was the best book ever? How do I show that this book split me open until I was completely raw? It did all of that and more. This love story is a different one. The fact that it starts from a sex diet makes you think you’ll be laughing like crazy. I cried. Damn did I cry. I fell in love with all of the characters. I learned what it was to hate, hate a character so much you wish you could erase their name from the book. Sutton and Pierce have a love that is beautiful, not perfect but messy and real. It feels as though I’ve just read someone’s heartwrenching, true love story. It felt that real.

It doesn’t take you long to figure out that this story is seeped in secrets, secrets that could really do damage. When these secrets are found out? It makes you cry even more for the man Pierce is and the woman who could love him through it all. I’ll leave my review here. There isn’t too many more words I can think of that will describe how amazing this story is and how utterly magnificent the characters are. Read it and see for yourself.

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To the Fall by Prescott Lane

Publication Date: March 8th, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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You know the story.

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, two kids, white picket fence.

This isn’t that story.

This is more like . . .

Man meets woman. Man sleeps with woman.

Man meets another woman, sleeps with her.

And so on. You get the idea.

I own a small boutique hotel in New Orleans, the Kingston. I’ve seen men do some stupid stuff in the name of the woman they love, or at least the woman they love for the night.

That’s not me. I’m always in control. You’d be surprised how much you can get away with on just good manners and a smile. It’s the only way to keep my secrets safely locked away.

And my smile hides a lot. Until her.

She turns me down flat. Playing hard to get is my favorite game. It’s the thrill of the chase.

Only problem is, I think it’s me that’s getting caught.

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Meet Prescott:

Prescott Lane is the Amazon best-selling author of Stripped Raw. She’s got seven other books under her belt including: First Position, Perfectly Broken, Quiet Angel, Wrapped in Lace, Layers of Her, The Reason for Me, and The Sex Bucket List. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, and holds a degree in sociology and a MSW from Tulane University. She married her college sweetheart, and they currently live in New Orleans with their two children and two crazy dogs. Prescott started writing at the age of five, and sold her first story about a talking turtle to her father for a quarter. She later turned to writing romance novels because there aren’t enough happily ever afters in real life.

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