New Release + Review: Mated To The Dragons by Sara Fields

Mated To The Dragons (Captive Brides Book Five) by Sara Fields

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Julia’s Review:

Holy smoking hot Batman! This book is steamy! You may need a cold shower after reading this! The heat level of this book is through the roof. I’m not sure if that’s a warning, don’t take it as one. My goodness, this book has so much deliciously hot sex that leaves you begging for more! Jada is my girl. She’s strong, resilient, and smart. She is also convicted on Earth of a murder she didn’t commit. After being sent away to another planet which is a prison and a school. A school to help you learn about other species so you can become their bride. This is where we meet the deliciously sexy brothers, Draego and Bruddis. Princes, dragons, Masters. A whole lot of yum. They buy Jada and take her through a sexual journey she didn’t know she wanted.

Sex is the front runner of this book, there is a storyline but it’s pushed back a bit in the beginning. Once we reach a point where we are enjoying the sexcapades we are slapped with Jada’s past. I enjoyed this story a lot, and enjoyed Jada’s relationship with her two hot dragons. Draego and Bruddis come off as mean at first but you see why and fall in love with them very quickly. Great book packed with action and love. I will be following Sara Fields more closely now and grabbing her books every release day!

Stars of a planet and galaxy in a free space

This time, the dragons get the girl.
Mated to the Dragons by USA Today Bestselling Author Sara Fields is NOW LIVE!


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Exile and training were just the beginning…

Wrongly condemned and exiled from Earth, Jada Rivers finds herself far from home, secluded from others, and trained to be bride to an alien stranger. Fate takes a sudden twist when a pair of brothers choose her to be their queen and to share their bed, requiring her to submit to them in every way. Jada, however, does not easily obey.

Bruddis and Draego are intensely drawn to Jada’s beauty and feisty nature, but first, they must put her to the test. Can she quell their alpha blood and bring them together as one as their wife? If she fails, the dragons within them will demand war, and Draegira will pay a terrible price.

Though Jada resists the brothers’ authority, their possessive natures and dominance leave her not only trembling but intensely aroused. Their mastery of her body makes her crave more, her heart aching to be theirs in every way.

But when the people who destroyed her former life return and demand more sacrifice, can the brothers protect her from the danger that threatens to rend them apart?

Publisher’s Note: Mated to the Dragons is a stand-alone novel which is the fifth book in the Captive Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


About Sara

Sara Fields is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance with a proclivity for kinky things, especially those centered in the HOT, NAUGHTY and DIRTY realm. If you like romance, science fiction, fantasy, menage, age play, pet play and other kinky filthy things, you will enjoy her books.

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