New Release + Review: Home Run King by Stella

Home Run King by Stella is an all new standalone sports romance is AVAILABLE NOW!


My life was what country songs are made of: my Granny died, my girlfriend broke up with me, I knocked up her cousin, and I was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame. Yup…just like every country song I’ve ever heard.

But let me start over…

My name is Gage Nix. That’s all you need to know.

Actually, there’s a lot more to Gage than meets the eye. My name’s Katie Crisp, and I had a front row seat and the inside scoop.

In a moment of grief and desperation, I allowed the Home Run King to…well, hit a home run on my diamond. He not only knocked it out of the park, but he also knocked me up.

Raising two babies—the one I was carrying, and Gage—wasn’t what I signed up for. But he gave me no choice. I only wish I hadn’t waited until the end of the season to see that he was my MVP.

Oh, and the only hall of fame he’s ever been inducted into is his own.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt

Hello, my name is Britt and I’m addicted to Gage. It’s been five minutes since my last reread and I’ll probably start reading Home Run King again before I finish this review. If you’re reading this a year from now, I’m probably STILL reading this again. I have no regrets. Gage is hands down one of my absolute favorite book boyfriends ever. I didn’t just Love this book, I am obsessed with this book. I laughed until I cried, my heart totally melted more than once at the sweetness, I became way too attached to these characters, and I loved every second of it!

There is not one thing I didn’t love about Gage and Katie. When I wasn’t dying of laughter I was so caught up in their story a bomb could have gone off next to me and I wouldn’t have noticed. Stella hit it out of the park (see what I did there?) with Home Run King. Gage is flat out adorable. I mean, seriously, his best friend and adviser is the cutest toddler ever, when he’s not saying stuff that has me rolling he’s busy being the sweetest man to ever exist. If I didn’t love Katie I’d be extremely jealous.

Their slow build from enemies to the greatest couple ever had me glued to the pages. Best. Book. Ever.

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When two romance authors, Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls, join forces…you know it’s going to be STELLA

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