New Release + Review: Mischief by Nicole Dykes

Mischief by Nicole Dykes is available NOW!

A sexy, new standalone novel from the author of Mistaken and The Monroe Series.

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“Judge me all you want. I apologize for nothing. She may have been my father’s wife, but I saw her first.”


Twenty years of pure torture. Twenty years of watching the only woman that I’ve ever come close to loving married to someone else.

Twenty years of pleading with her to change her mind. Of being jerked around, frustrated, and confused.

Now he’s gone, and the question is, was it ever real?

Or was it just the thrill of the chase?


Twenty years of pain. Of watching the choices of my youth destroy everyone I love.

Of being so near to what I crave, but fighting temptation with everything I have.

One act of selfish weakness tore apart so many lives, and I won’t ever allow that to happen again.

No matter how many sacrifices I’ve had to make, I have only one regret . . .


Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Mischief is the second book in the Adamson Family Series by Nicole Dykes. I expected more of the same great writing I’ve come to know from this author, but what I got was SO MUCH BETTER that anything I could have imagined.

This book is so beyond fantastic. It’s an emotional and beautifully written novel. The characters and story are complex, moving, and each word draws you in more and more into their world. Levi and Natalie’s relationship is heartbreaking and completely unexpected. Nicole Dykes tackles a sensitive subject like cheating with such beautiful honesty, compassion, and rawness showing us how the world doesn’t always fall into right and wrong. There are so many shades of gray in between and that’s where Natalie, Levi, and their love reside. The storyline was so well executed that even during the most difficult moments I rooted for this couple. I cried for them, I felt their pain, and I genuinely shared in their happiness. Regardless of which point of their relationship I was reading, wether it was angst—and there’s plenty of it—or stolen moments of joy, I felt it all. And that’s what makes both this book and this author complete must reads. 5 stars aren’t enough.

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