New Release, Review, + Giveaway: Love Over Lattes

Title: Love Over Lattes
Series: Desert Monsoon #1
Author: Diana A. Hicks
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 7, 2018
Single mom Valentina wants to provide a good
life for her son, starting with the perfect home. When the deal on her dream
house falls through, rather than move back in with her parents and disappoint
them and her son once again, she accepts the help of the intimidating-as-hell
stranger she’s admired from her coffee shop seat for the last six months. She’s
afraid to fall for the wrong guy again, so she makes Cole promise to keep their
relationship strictly professional.
Following his failed marriage, Cole can’t find
a reason to care about anything or anyone. Saving his company from his ex-wife
is the only thing that has kept him afloat for the past six months. As
loneliness sets in and he begins to lose the fight over his company, Valentina
becomes his lifeline. Cole wants to be more than her landlord, and he has a
plan to get her to release him from his promise.
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt!

I knew I had to read this when I read the blurb. Single parent, the elixir of life better known as coffee, and the potential of sweep me off my feet romance. Yes please! I was hooked just from the blurb, and still I was surprised by how much I truly enjoyed Love and Lattes! It’s just that good. It’s sweet, it’s deliciously steamy, and it’s packed with that make your heart melt bring a tear to your eye romance that I crave but still has just the right amount of drama to keep the story extra interesting.

Cole is the kind of hero I always love. He’s been burned, yet he can’t help the pull he has towards Valentina and goes out of his way to show her the man he really is. It was adorable watching them both fall hard and fast for each other. Valentina was fiercely independent but still kept a softness and innocence that made her real and relatable. When these two finally do come together be ready to break out then fan because they’re quickly putting out enough heat to start a fire!

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Julia!

I absolutely loved Love Over Lattes! It was such a great story that had me swooning over Cole. Valentina and Cole were an amazingly sweet couple, add in her son Max and they all three clicked together. Love Over Lattes was incredibly sweet and had me rooting for Valentina. She’s such a strong character. Single mom, working hard to finish college and get a place for her and her son. She’s super independent and smart. Valentina works hard for her son and plays even harder. Their relationship was such a sweet one and Max is a doll. Cole is hot. He knows what he wants and goes after it with a single minded focus. He’s been burned bad, and we see how bad it gets, but he persevered through it and came out a winner with Valentina and Max.

This is a perfect pick me up read for when you are feeling a little down. This could be a hit movie, it’s so good! The writing style was perfect. The banter between Valentina and Cole was sweet. The chemistry from the get go was hot. This is a perfect romance with a few curve balls thrown in!

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The VIP of the
VIP ro
n yet another section in the ginormous warehouse was smaller and more
han the last two. At the far end of the room, a violinist played an
old ta
I knew well, “Mano a Mano.” The sensual and melancholic melody added
to the
adent setting of the place. Probably the reason Cole didn’t want to
His tent was
done in white leather furnishings and infused with a faint scent of
nder the shimmer of the small chandelier overhead, my dress looked
d. I swallowed and smoothed out the fabric around my waist. This was
the wo
place to tell him about his ex’s plans. I plumped myself on the sofa,
and a
pillows dropped to the floor.
“Oh, sorry.” I
bent t
ck them up.
“Leave it.” Cole
hand. He unbuttoned his tuxedo jacket and sat.
Out of habit, or
I inched over to my left to make room. He gave me a bright smile
that s
nice try. “Make up your
ntina. I can’t take this any longer.”
A hot puddle of
desire, I melted a little every time he said my name. I squeezed my
legs t
her and scooted some more. This sofa wasn’t big enough for the two of
us. “I
’t know what you mean.”
“Do you want to
kiss m
not?” He slid across the cushion, closing the space between us. “Ask
I adjusted my
the seat. He tightened his hold on my fingers. God, even if I had
flee, I didn’t think my legs would respond. Cocking his head, he
thumb across the inside of my wrist where my pulse was visible.
“I want you.” The
my lips of their own accord. I had meant to say something else, but
for th
fe of me, I couldn’t remember what.
“Close enough,
.” Cupping the nape of my neck, he took my mouth with a longing that
sent a
e of adrenaline from my core to my toes. Heat pulsed between my
the tip of his tongue teased mine. I leaned in and sucked gently. I
get another chance to taste him.
He eased me back
on the
a, and I landed on a bed of soft and silky decorative pillows. A
ped his lips, making my nerves dissolve. Did he want me as much as I
? The knowledge that he might fueled the daring side of me. My hand
s I slipped it inside his jacket and kneaded the hard muscles under
his sh
I pulled on it, my fingers itching to touch his skin.
Author Bio
Diana became an
avid r
r when she found her first romance novel tucked away in a corner of
her hi
chool library. The more books she read, the more she wanted to be a
ana has a Master’s degree in information systems and accountancy and
for ma
ears worked for a major Fortune 100 telecommunications company as an
IT pro
manager (As one does when pursuing a career as a romance author.)
, when she’s not writing, Diana enjoys running half marathons,
and indulging in the simple joys of life like wine and chocolate.
She li
in Atlanta and loves spending time with her two children and husband.
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