Seduced by the Alpha Audio Review

Seduced by the Alpha Wolf by Kaycee Kline

⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 Stars from Ari

Narration: Ruby Rivers, La Petite Mort

Length: 5 hrs, 32 mins



BLURB: This is a complete boxset with no cliffhanger!

An out of place college student who feels completely alone in her world, Marie Damascus answers an ad posted online requesting the help of a maid.

When she discovers her potential employer, Adrian Capitoline, is the man of every woman’s dreams—a sexy, mysterious, billionaire—she thinks she’s encountered a miracle.

She’s quick to become his live-in maid, and delighted when a sizzling romance begins to develop between the two of them. Until night falls, and Marie must learn that even the gentlest man has a beast—and that she might very well like it.

As Marie fully embraces the nature of her sexual awakening with the man of her dreams she soon finds that she must come to terms with her desires for the monster within him. At the hands of a beast so powerful, she finds herself helpless, and can’t manage to admit to herself how much she loves it.

Fully embracing her life with both sides of her lover: in control during the day and losing it each night, she revels in her erotic relationship with her employer.

When Adrian questions her strength of conviction, she decides to take her power back in the same way the wolf has taken it from her.

Their steamy and passionate dynamic is short-lived, however, when they suddenly find themselves face to face with a dark and ominous figure from Adrian’s past.

Marie is faced with the reality of her worst nightmares coming to light, and Adrian must reach inside of himself to find the strength to end the madness once and for all–even if it means he loses everything, and everyone, that he’s ever cared for.

You won’t be able to stop reading! This box set is full of twists, surprises, and seductive scenes of passion that you won’t be able to resist.

REVIEW: College student Marie answers an online ad for a live in maid. What she thinks is he financial answer to her prayers turns out to be a life changing attraction to her new boss. An attraction that will lead her straight into a world of magic, fairytales, and folklore she only thought existed in the books she studied.

The insta-lust in this book is in FULL FORCE. It happens fast. Like 0 to 90 in negative two seconds. That kind of had my head spinning. The story tends to move along a really fast pace, while giving out a ton of detail at the same time. It’s a bit dizzying. Chemistry between Adrian and Marie is emphasized A LOT and sometimes feels a bit far fetched. Still, it is PNR so it can be forgiven.

Narration by Ruby Rivers and La Petite Mort was great. La Petite Mort can make even a raging, angry werewolf on the prowl sound appealing. Scratch that, he makes it sound so hot! Rubi Rivers gives Marie a girlish charm that makes you like her and root for her happily ever after.


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