xo, Zach Audio Review

xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan

Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars from Ari

Narration: Sebastian York, Andi Arndt

Length: 5 hrs, 51 mins


BLURB: The first time we met was at a party.

Your ex arrived to show off the person he’d left you for last month, and you asked me to pretend to be your date.

I was more than happy to help. You were attractive, smart and witty–and that kiss we shared? It left me wanting you for days.

The second time we met was in my office on campus where we were both surprised to discover you were the new master’s degree student in poetry that I would be working with. You promised to be professional. I did no such thing.

The late nights and intense study sessions spent alongside you majorly throw me off my game. I want you, and I fight with myself daily over this fact.

I know I’m crass, that my sexual innuendos and dirty mouth annoy you, but I live for those two bright spots of color in your cheeks. If that’s the only reaction I can get out of you, I’ll gladly take it.

You hate Mondays so every Monday I slip an anonymous poem into your bag and your smile gets me through the week.

I think I’m falling for you, and I know it’s wrong. I know that I’m only supposed to be your adviser and nothing more, but here’s the thing. I think you’re falling for me too.

xo, Zach

REVIEW: Dear Zach, I LOVE YOU! This was such an amazing story! I was in a perpetual state of swoon from beginning to end! Kendall Ryan has basically written a love poem to her readers with this beautiful, single-parent love story. It’s everything you’ve come to adore from a KR book: heart, flirty-heat, and punches of humor, but it’s also so much more. The slow burn between Poppy and Zach had me salivating for more every single minute that went by.

Let me shout this from the roof tops: I LOVE ZACH! Jesus, that man was absolute perfection. He’s sexy as hell, charming, and a freaking poet! Excuse me while I go die a little. And his mom! I love his mother. She stole every single scene that she was in and had me in stitches the entire time. I also adore Poppy. She’s such a strong female character. She’s driven, smart, but most importantly a great mom. I loved that her son was always at the forefront of all her decisions. She felt real and really just wanted her to be my friend.

Sebastian York and Andi Arndt were absolute perfection narrating. They brought the story to life flawlessly. Andi was fantastic, as per usual. The way in which she brings Poppy to life was effortless and made me feel everything she was feeling. Sebastian York as Zach was something every romance audiobook lover needs to experience for themselves. I’d pay money to hear him read my fortune from a fortune cookie so I nearly combusted while listening to him read poetry.

So get this audiobook! You’ll be laughing, blushing, swooning, and having so much fun the entire time. Plus, Sebastian York reads poem. It doesn’t get better than that. 5 stars.


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