New Release + Review: Shiver by Suzanne Wright

Shiver by Suzanne Wright

🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Julia!

Julia’s Review:

Suzanne Wright has a way with words that drawl you completely into a story and doesn’t let you go until you see the words “the end”. Shiver was no different. I was completely swept up in the world she created and couldn’t put the book down for a single second. I loved every single thing about Kensey and Blake. I loved every single thing about Sarah and Bastien. Not only were the characters phenomenal, but the supporting characters were too. As well as the writing. I’ve found that Suzanne Wright can’t write a bad book. Everything she writes is beyond incredible!


Shiver is a bit different from what she normally writes, and I loved every single word of it. Kensey is a tough as nails chick with a crazy past. A stepfather who is a serial killer. A mother who is codependent. A father who never claimed her. Yet she was loved. She was loved by a sociopath, she was loved by a codependent mother, she was loved by her godmother and best friends. Society sees her as a blight. Someone not worthy because of who she calls dad. That all changes some when Blake enters her life. He’s a ruthless, cold, sexy man. Who has a marshmallow center when it comes to Kensey. Together they seem able to shed their secrets.


I am so happy Shiver was put out for us! It took us on a new adventure with plenty of intrigue and sexy time. It opened up a whole new world and I want to delve back into it already! Kensey has that sass and Blake has the alpha male part down! If you are a big Suzanne Wright fan, you will love this. If she’s a new to you author, you will love this. Bascially, read it! Find out what makes Kensey and Blake so awesome!



Kensey Lyons has never had ‘normal’. Instead, she has a mother who lives in her head, a stepfather who’s on death row, and the stigma that comes with being the child of an extramarital affair. Writing has always been her escape. Knowing the reception her books receive will be tainted by her personal life, Kensey secretly writes under a penname when she’s not working part-time at her godmother’s bar. Her world might not be exciting, but she likes it exactly as it is. When she meets alarmingly compelling businessman Blake Mercier, the snap of attraction is instant. She doesn’t like it. Doesn’t want to be drawn to this man who is blatantly dangerous, carries dark secrets, and lives life by his own rules. Neither of them make a great first impression on the other, so she’s more than surprised when he begins to pursue her with a single-minded focus that is unsettling, thrilling, and infuriating. Her gut tells her to keep her distance, but Blake won’t let her run. Won’t give her space. There’s another person who won’t give her space. Someone who has discovered the secret of her penname and who seems intent on taunting her. And as Kensey struggles to identify her persecutor, Blake is by her side, determined to keep her safe … because Blake Mercier always holds tight to what’s his. Always.


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  1. I just bought it too. The back story for the female lead is insane! Like Book Twin Reviews I had no idea she wrote anything but shifter novels (which I’ll admit I love…) thanks for writing this review!


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