Living Audio Review

Living by Elaine Marie

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Ari

Narration: Tor Thom, Charley Ongel

Length: 5 hrs, 44 min




A tragic accident changes LeAnn DeLuca’s life forever. After she loses the one she loves most, depression controls her life, and the only escape she finds is when she dances. However, after years of suffering, she grows tired of the life she leads and asks for help from an unlikely source.

After receiving the gift, LeAnn and her best friend board a cruise ship for

for destinations unknown. The mystery vacation may take her somewhere she’s not ready to go, but she must face it when her second chance takes center stage.

Will LeAnn find her way back to her old, happy, adventurous self? Will she discover she’s once again living?


LeAnn is trying to move on in her life. After her fiancé’s death four years prior, she has decided it’s time to begin to let go and start over. She and her friend board a cruise to celebrate her her new life and there LeAnn meets Brandon, a ship employee and begins too see that maybe she can love again and that maybe moving on is possible.

This was a fun, quick listen for me. LeAnn’s story was interesting and quite an unexpected roller coaster of emotions. Her journey of moving forward with her life after the loss of her fiancé isn’t simple and some unexpected twists that pop up kept my attention and anxious to see how her story would end.

Tor Thom and Charlie Ongel’s narration was so, so good! Charlie’s narration in particular was absolutely moving. She manages to infuse so much emotion into her performance that she had me tearing up more than once because I could feel LeAnn’s struggle and her pain. Tor Thom. I mean, what can I say? His voice is like velvet! Yes, his narration of Brandon was hot, but the softer side he adds was what I enjoyed most. There’s nothing better than a sexy man in love and Tor Thom’s performance had me swooning hard for Brandon.

A good story and excellent narration. 4 stars.


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