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Mr. Wrong by Alessandra Hart

Forget Mr. Right. Mr. Wrong is right here…


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Forget Mr. Right. Mr. Wrong is right here…

You love to hate me. Cocky. Playboy. Rich. Handsome. The next big thing in Hollywood.

You might think I’m a scumbag, but you still can’t resist me. She sure as hell can’t.

Her name is Nora Valencia, and I’m about to take her on a date that will give her nightmares.

She’s my friend’s crazy ex-girlfriend, so I’m all too happy to make her life a little harder.

She deserves it, right? ….Wrong

Turns out she’s gorgeous. Smart. Funny. And innocent of all the accusations.

Predictably, she also hates my guts after what I put her through.

But I’m going to show her everything she got wrong about me.

She’s working on my latest movie, and I’m determined to prove it only takes so many wrong turns to make it right.

Four ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Ari This book was amazeballs. Yes, that’s the official, technical term. With a feel-good and hilarious storyline and characters that I adored, Mr. Wrong made for such a fun read.

Jacob is a famous television actor who has just landed the role that will make him a household name! When a friend tells his about the nightmare his crazy ex-girlfriend was, he’s wrangled into taking her out on a revenge date to help teach her a lesson. But once he actually gets to know her he quickly realizes that Nora Valencia isn’t Satan’s spawn and he actually likes her, but after he date from hell Nora wants nothing to do with him. But fate steps in when Nora shows up to work on the same movie as Jacob. Can Jacob change make her see he’s the right guy to start over with or will he just prove he’s Mr. Wrong?

Okay, so I freaking loved the banter between Nora and Jacob in this book! I actually found myself laughing out loud so many times while reading. The back and forth between them was hilariously entertaining and their chemistry jumped off the pages. I adored Nora from the moment she’s introduced. Jacob on the other hand took some time to warm up to. He’s a total douche bag. Listen, I like douche bags when they’re redeemable and cute. Jacob sometimes tipped over into annoying a-hole territory and that was a bit of a turn off. The book’s momentum was a bit slow at the beginning, but it quickly picks up pace and the book becomes difficult to put down. All in all it was a great book.

With hilarious banter, a extremely fun premise, plenty of sexiness, and lots of shenanigans, Mr. Wrong is absolute the right book to pick up for a good time! I’m really looking forward to more books from Alessandra Hart. Four stars.

Excerpt: It was now or never.

I stood in the center of my old bedroom, my skin tingling and prickling with goosebumps as Jacob stared at me from the doorway with wide eyes. I was stark naked.

He was probably used to being the one who made all the first moves with women, but I’d decided to shake things up. I wanted him, and part of me suspected he still wanted me too.

So what better way to find out?

“Shit. Sorry, I didn’t realize you were getting changed,” Jacob said.

“I wasn’t. I was waiting for you,” I said, taking a step toward him.

His eyebrows shot up, and I smiled, enjoying seeing him in shock for once. This wasn’t like me at all, and he knew it, but being around him made me feel like I could be someone else. I could be brave and larger than life, just like him. After all, he pulled it off, so why couldn’t I?

I began to second-guess myself exactly two seconds later.

Shit, what if I couldn’t pull this off? Jacob was a smoking hot guy with a stellar acting career, so of course he could make risky moves and stand around naked without fear of rejection. I was just an average person. He probably thought I was a total idiot for doing this, and he was probably trying to think of a nice way to turn me down.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “I shouldn’t…”

Before I could say any more, Jacob’s lips were on mine. Hard. His kiss was ravenous, holding a promise of more to come, and I melted against him. His palms cradled my cheeks and our mouths parted, and then his tongue was entwining with mine, exploring my mouth, sending a rush of excitement through my system as I waited for more, craving it and begging for it with every moan that escaped my mouth between kisses.

He paused to rip his T-shirt off, and then he ran his hands over my breasts and up along my collarbone, before holding my face again and pressing his lips back to mine. God, if his kisses felt like this, I could only imagine what his cock felt like deep inside of me….

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