New Release + Review + Giveaway: Falling For Her by A.C. Meyer

Falling For Her by A.C. Meyer

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Julia’s Review:

Falling For Her was an immensely sweet read with a few hills to climb. This story is almost too sweet. From the first realization of lust to the ending it made me feel like I was floating in happiness. Mari has the job she loves, a great best friend, and a boss she’s secretly in love with. One small accident leads her down a road of a lot of happiness with a slight black cloud. Mari comes off as a super confident woman, yet she’s got some insecurities and hang ups. Cadu comes across as a sinfully sweet man who isn’t sure exactly where he wants to be. After a chance encounter at a club their professional relationship goes out the door.

I really liked this story, even with the few over the top cheesy moments. Cadu and Mari both grow as individuals and then as a couple and that was refreshing to see. This is definitely a pick me up read and something you need when feeling down. I love the addition to the texts and emails in this story, it added extra appeal. If you need a sugary sweet read, pick Falling For Her up. You won’t regret it.

Title: Falling for Her
Author: A.C. Meyer
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 17, 2018 



“I was completely captivated by this book from the very beginning.” – Cleida R.

“Falling for Her brings learning that should never be forgotten: knowing forgiveness and second chances are deserved when you really love.” – Camila

“Falling For Her was an immensely sweet read with a few hills to climb.” – Red Hatter Book Blog

“It’s a book, but could be a Hollywood movie” — COSMOPOLITAN Brazil

Music, fashion, and the vibrant landscapes of Rio de Janeiro set the stage for an uncommon love story.

Mariana Costa’s life is good. She has fantastic friends, is close to her family, and works a dream job at the internationally-renowned fashion magazine, Be. There is only one problem … she’s madly in love with the one man who is not only out of her league, but is completely unattainable: her boss.

Carlos Eduardo is confident, sexy, and established. He dates supermodels and runs a successful magazine. His life is perfect; or was perfect until he admits he has feelings for the most unlikely object of his affection. His assistant is smart, sexy, and everything he ever wanted in a woman—but she’s not only nothing like the women he usually dates, she is his employee, and therefore untouchable. But touching her is the one thing he can’t seem to resist.

Outside the office, Cadu and Mari explore tenderness and passion. But they are from completely different worlds, and when those worlds collide and threaten to destroy not only their fragile bond but the very magazine they work for, they must decide whether falling in love is worth risking it all.

A.C. Meyer is a real book lover. Not satisfied with just read it, her restless mind decided to write her own happy endings. Mixing fun and romance, she reaches the romantic comedies´s tone that amazes her readers from beginning to end.

In 2016, Enchanted by you, After Dark series’s book four, was nominated best romance by iBooks.




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