New Release, Review, + Giveaway: Fighter’s Claim by D.D. Galvani

Title: Fighter’s Claim
Series: Devils Wind MC
Author: D.D. Galvani
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: January 10, 2018 
Cover Model: Lance Jones
Photographer: Randy Sewell
Fighter is an Enforcer for the Devil’s Wind MC. His job is to take care of the prospects, make sure things run smoothly and kick some ass if it doesn’t. His life consists of his club, his bike, his brothers, and more than his fair share of pussy. The last thing he needs is his little sister and her best friend showing up at the clubhouse, ragged, beaten and looking to him to sort out their mess.

Tish and Jiji have been best friends since the day they met. When fate steps in and forces them to run for their lives, the safest place possible is with Jiji’s brother, Fighter. Fighter doesn’t do relationships but his sisters best friend is no longer the little girl he once knew. She’s all grown up and has him wanting to stake his claim. Tish has risked her life to save Jiji and now Fighter must return the favor.

When their two worlds collide, The Devil’s Wind steps up to protect Tish and Jiji and Fighter has a decision to make before he loses Tish.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Britt

D.D. Galvani certainly knows how to make a grand entrance! This debut novel from her is phenomenal and written just as well, if not better, than some of my long time favorites. Fighter’s Claim is the ultimate MC Romance. Packed with heat, action, and the utter devotion only an alpha male can deliver I couldn’t put this one down! My kindle didn’t leave my hands all afternoon while I was completely captivated by Jameson and Tish.

As a huge fan of MC romance, I know what I love and while I love a lot there aren’t too many I can claim to be all time favorites but Fighter’s Claim quickly soared up to my favorites within minutes of starting it and ended with me sad there were no more pages! I could have kept reading Tish and Jameson, along with every member of the club & jiji forever. Jameson aka Fighter is sheer perfection. He’s everything I love about alpha males. Bossy, protective, completely devoted to his woman, and oh so sexy!

Tish was perfect for him in every way. She wasn’t whiny, she was strong and had a backbone while still fully understanding and thriving in the MC world. They made an absolutely perfect couple that I adored. I cannot wait for more from D.D.! I’m absolutely addicted to her writing!

D.D. Galvani was born and raised on Long Island, New York. She moved to Florida in 2002 and lives there today with her husband of 37 years. She has two children and one beloved grand daughter whom she spoils as much as she can. She is an avid reader and crafter and decided to put those two loves together and Swag by NaNa was born. After working around author’s for a few years, she asked a couple to look at a story she had written and was blown away that they liked it. They pushed her to finish it and her first novel Fighter’s Claim, an MC romance came to be. She writes strong alpha males and sassy intelligent women. Welcome to her world!


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