Never Letting Go Review

Never Letting Go by Roxy Love
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ from Ari



My life was turned upside down the day I left my husband. My real name is Isabella, but now I am known as Lisa. I ran away, changed my looks, and my identity. That bastard is finally in jail, and will never hurt me again. I am living my new dream life in an amazing house on the beach. My new quirky elderly neighbor Mary is a riot. I even have an awesome dog now. What I wasn’t planning on was falling in love again. Until I met him. The hot cop who just moved in next door. I tried to resist him but it’s too damn hard. He doesn’t know my secrets. The question is, how long can I keep them for?
Life has a funny way of throwing you punches when you least expect it. I wasn’t expecting on coming home to my fiance cheating on me, nor was i expecting on being out of work on an injury. Surprises just keep being thrown at me left and right, but the best was when I met Lisa, my new neighbor. She has been the only good thing that has happened to me, and I am damn well going to make sure nothing screws this up.
I know I hurt her. I know she hates me. She doesn’t understand. It wasn’t me, I wasn’t in my right mind. She is all I think about. I will find her.

WARNING 18+ This book contains graphic descriptions of abuse, and has lots of hot sexual content. This book can pose as a trigger for some. Not for the faint of heart.


Oh my goodness Roxy Love! Where have you been hiding? Suspense, emotion, heat, and such a fresh storyline, this is a story that needs to be read. This was my first book by this author and it most definitely won’t be my last. I need to find out what happens next in this duet!

I’m still trying to gather my thoughts on this book. The twists and turns are nuts and I’m still reeling from the feelings brought out in me from these awesome characters. I didn’t know who to root for half the time! Sometimes I rooted for both Nick and Tony! The hero next door or the guy that’s all wrong but somehow maybe so right? Ultimately, Team Nick won out for me. Lisa was a strong female character who manages to navigate between difficult life moments. I felt right along with her and truly wanted to see her to get to her happiness.

Roxy Love weaves a wonderful story packed full of vivid emotions that spill out of each page. She’s managed just the right blend of suspense and heat that had me reading each page as fast as I could. Especially with that fluffy at the end that has me itching to get to the next book. 4.5 stars.



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