Review: Elemental Claim by Miranda Grant

Elemental Claim by Miranda Grant

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Red’s Review:


Elemental Claim starts with a bang and doesn’t stop! Miranda Grant sucks you into a world of myth and doesn’t let you go! I loved every bit of the mythology she weaved in this story, gods and goddesses, vampires, elementals, hellhounds, and so much more! From the first few pages I got sucked in! Emma isn’t as strong at first, but she gets stronger throughout the book. She grows so much into herself and into her powers. Unbeknownst to her, her twin sister is killing. After some mistaken identity she’s kidnapped by the ever mysterious Rogan. It doesn’t take too long for Rogan to realize his mistakes and realize she knows nothing of his world. Rogan believes in the mission and only the mission. He’s confused as to why he has feelings for Emma and quickly pushes her away. After Emma realizes her sister is in trouble, they team up and go after her. Just not the way Emma would plan.


I loved the writing style of this book. We got multiple POVs and yet it wasn’t confusing nor did it take away from the main two characters. It added a new depth to the story and made it that much better. Poor Emma goes through a lot, luckily she has Rogan there making sure she doesn’t lose her mind. This is a world I’ll gladly sink back into and I can’t wait to see what the next book brings! We gotta save Liz!!




Emma lived her whole life believing she was a mere human, but when she’s attacked by a gang hunting creatures of the Myth, her entire existence is called into question. As she is forced to go on the run with a dangerous man, she learns that monsters are real, her twin sister has turned into a mass murderer, and despite her earth upbringing, she’s actually a bona-fide descendant – a forbidden child of the gods.

Rogan is the leader of an Elv’ve’Norc team, a Mythical agency tasked with the protection of the Seven Planes. He’s on a mission to stop a sadistic vampire, bringing him into the path of Emma Sterling – the twin sister of the woman he’s most likely going to kill. And if that wasn’t enough of a romantic deal-breaker, he’ll be ordered to send Emma to stand trial, where she’ll be sentenced to life in the Myth’s highest-security prison simply because of what she is.

Buy it here: Elemental Claim


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