Epic New Release + FIVE STAR Review: Finding Hope by Emilia Finn

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FINDING HOPE by Emilia Finn is LIVE!


Rolling On Series #6 | Sports Romance

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Professional fighter and undisputed champion, twenty-five-year-old Jack Reilly is back for the final installment of the Rollin On series.
Dealing with more grief than any teenager should have to by his young age, Jack’s life finally started to make sense when he stepped into the Rollin On gym. He found a whole new world and a family he never in his wildest dreams expected to love him back.
A new focus. A new goal. Jack was dubbed to be a champion long before he ever stepped into the octagon.
With his sweet girlfriend Stephanie by his side, Jack’s world was picture perfect. But then grief and chaos strikes again, tearing him down and thrusting him into a pit of despair he couldn’t possibly hope to escape. There’s only so much pain a man can take in one lifetime.
Will this be the year Jack finally breaks?
Long awaited and eagerly anticipated, the boy we met five books ago is finally a man.
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Hatter!!!

Gather round. Let me tell you about a boy I just KNEW was going to one day steal my heart and ruin me for all Book boyfriends. I’ve said it from the time I first started reading the Rollin On series, Jack was going to grow up and be incredible. Through every book you can see the pieces of the man he’d be shining through. I was right. *takes a bow* The incredible ending to one of the best series I’ve ever read, Finding Hope will completely shred your heart, then it will turn around and piece your heart back together so beautifully that you’ll never be the same.

I won’t lie, parts of this book had me sobbing. The best kind of ugly cry. You’ll need tissues, but the journey is so worth it. Jack’s story is more than I could have ever imagined it’d be. Gone was the joking boy who could make anyone laugh and in his place was a cold man, broken by tragedy. BUT, his healing and his strength are something that is too amazing to miss. This book is one that touches you right down to your very soul.

Don’t let the sad parts fool you though, this is the Rollin family after all. For every tear I shed, there was moments that had me laughing hysterically, and for every moment of that there were other moments that had me swooning at the sweetness. Don’t think for a moment our boy doesn’t get his happily ever after. He gets it in the most beautiful way of all. There couldn’t be a better ending to such a sweet and loving series than Finding Hope!

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Emilia is Australian and lives on the East Coast with her husband and children.
She’s a real life martial arts enthusiast, has competed in many full contact tournaments over the years and has a big display shelf full of pretty trophies to show for it.
Emilia’s a mum to two littles who still keep her up at night, and she married her real life fighter as well.
Between changing diapers and cooking food her kids refuse to touch, she writes her books, submerging herself in the world of Kincaid and the UFC. It’s a wonderful place to be. She hopes to see you there. x

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