Release Blitz; Starborn by Samantha Jane


Starborn by Samantha Jane

🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Red!

Red’s Review:

This was a crazy ride with a lot of twists and turns! Willow and her twin were separated at birth and she’s lived her whole life searching for her. A kill and retrieve order sets Lucas up to meet Willow. After taking her to The Order it’s plain to see that they aren’t everything they say. Throughout the book I didn’t trust The Order, and I still don’t. Luckily Willow was the same. She questioned The Order and her new mentor, whom she has a connection with, Lucas. Lucas lives and breathes The Order but notices things Willow points out and starts having doubts.
The pacing was a bit of a problem for me. Most places it was super slow, and others it was way too fast. It interrupted the flow of the book a bit. Overall I was able to get into the story after skipping some parts that were just not necessary to the story. Willow was a tough character and I liked her immensely. Lucas was a bit of a drag at first but I ended up falling in love with him. Both had tragedies in their past that lent to some strong personalities. Even through the pacing problems I enjoyed this book and will be looking forward to Eve’s book next.

Title: Starborn

Series: The Order of Orion #1

Author: Samantha Jane
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2017
love and superpowers collide…
Dr Willow
Trilby is a psychologist with a secret. Her obsessive research into paranormal
abilities is much more than a professional curiosity; she’s an emotional
telepath. But when she finally finds proof that telekinesis and telepathy
aren’t always delusions, she becomes The Order of Orion’s number one enemy.
Black, is a memory-wiping assassin who will stop at nothing to protect the
secrecy of The Order of Orion. Thousands of Starborn—people with metaphysical
abilities—depend on him to keep them safe from being hunted for their powers.
He’ll kill innocents, if he must…until the beautiful Dr Willow Trilby and her
oddball patient group land on his hit list.
Lucas follow orders and complete his mission, or will he follow his heart and
defy five hundred years of tradition to protect his supposed enemy?



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99c for a limited time
Free in Kindle Unlimited
Author Bio
Samantha Jane is a die-hard fan of both romance and
action-adventure stories, and when the two genres combine, she’s in heaven.
Samantha lives with her superhero husband and two daughters who wish they could
fly and shoot laser beams from their fingertips. Juggling a family, a day job
and writing novels is her own action-adventure story. Because life is too short
not to aim for the stars.
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