New Five Star KU Release + Review : Smoke and Lyrics by Holly Hall

Title: Smoke and Lyrics
Author: Holly Hall
Genre: NA/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Country star Jenson King is accustomed to fighting battles and losing–in his career, in his love life, and with alcohol. Following his divorce, thousands, if not millions, of fans are counting on his comeback. But how does one find the spark of passion when it’s long since burned out?

Lindsey Farrar wants nothing more than to prove herself as a music photographer. Fiery and independent, she’d work countless side jobs to fuel her dream rather than ride the coattails of someone else’s name to success. After a chance encounter, Lindsey shakes up everything Jenson believes about life and that other four-letter word. 

After all he’s been through, Jenson isn’t willing to let anything meaningful slip out of his grasp. But Lindsey’s determined to shine all on her own, and Jenson casts an enormous shadow.
FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Hatter

Heartbreakingly beautiful, Smoke and Lyrics is the kind of book that pulls out all of your emotions and keeps you riveted to every page. This isn’t a sweet and easy love story. Smoke and Lyrics is raw, real, and beautiful. Filled with passion, angst, and real love it completely takes over and pulls you into a world of self discovery, healing, and love. I cried, I got mad, I sighed with happiness, and I loved every sign,e second of it.

Jensen is a broken man. A musician trying to recover from the shambles of his world, he’s miserable and alone feeling like no one understands him. When Lindsey bursts into his world his eyes begin to open again on what finding true happiness is. Lindsey needed Jensen just as much. A chip on her shoulder and keeping everyone at arms length, this struggling music photographer needs just as much healing and understanding.

I loved that the growth wasn’t just one sided. Both Lindsey and Jensen were two lost souls needing to find their place in the world. They both bloom together learning what love truly is. Their story is breathtakingly beautiful and one that sinks deep and doesn’t let you go.

< n>“What a super, heart felt, emotional tale that made me have all the feels!” – Jolene – Goodreads

< n>“Great book by a fabulous new author! This is so much more than a romance. Loved the characters and the depth of the story!!!” – Jana – Goodreads
< n>“Holly! I loved this book!
< /span>Do you hear me? I LOVED IT!” – Author D.B. James
Holly Hall was raised in North Texas. She drinks coffee on the daily, would love to get paid to travel for a living, thinks animals are often better than humans, can count on one hand the number of things she loves more than reading and Texas A&M football (okay, that might be an exaggeration), and couldn’t handpick a better family than her enormous one. She is currently the reluctant resident of Houston, Texas with her husband and German shepherd. She is the author of three other standalone contemporary romances, Forever Grace, All the Pieces That You Left, and Love in Smoke.

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