#MCM – Waking the Watcher by Kim Loraine


Waking the Watcher by Kim Loraine

He’s brooding, sexy, and has an Irish accent to die for! He’s also not human. A sexy vampire with soul who makes my blood simmer and my heart soar. He also loves hard and fights for it no matter what. All those things and more are what make Galen is one of my favorite heroes and this week’s #MCM!


Amazon: https://goo.gl/8pPDjF
Audible: https://goo.gl/Wbb7LN
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My ultimate downfall,
And demise.
I’m shackled to a life I can’t escape.
A life I never asked for.

Now, I’m trapped–soulless,
Burdened by a Watcher lurking within.
He wants out, he wants her.
But I can’t let that happen,
Won’t let that happen.

She’s mine.

Somehow that doesn’t matter.
I can’t have what I crave.
What I want.
What I need.

As the Watcher fights me,
Battles for control,
I refuse to succumb.
It’s a power I’ll never relinquish.
I can’t unleash what lies beneath,
Without paying the ultimate price,
And losing her in the end.


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Waking the Watcher: bit.ly/2rPqMOp
Audiobook Review: bit.ly/2rZHURw



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