New Five Star Release + Review: Lane by LeAnn Ashers

Title: Lane
Series: Grim Sinners MC #1
Author: LeAnn Ashers
Genre: MC Romance/Suspense
Release Date: November 16, 2017 


I’m fucked.

I’m fucked, plain and simple. How am I fucked, you ask? This tattooed, bearded alpha popped into my life and took it over, driving me insane.

Am I complaining? Hell no.

Do I love him? Yes, more than anything–and his daughter too.

Lane is everything to me. He came into my life when I needed him the most. I just didn’t know it at the time. He completes me. He is someone I have waited for my whole life.


I am so fucking fucked. This five-foot-two, feistier-than-shit woman came into my life and knocked me on my ass.

She brings out every protective instinct I have, and I’m ready to go nuclear if someone even looks at her.

I love two people in this world more than life itself: Amelia and my daughter, Tiffany.

Someone made the biggest fucking mistake of their life by trying to take them both away.

Game on.

FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Hatter

I feel like I start every review for a book written by LeAnn Ashers by saying I didn’t think she could top the last, but it’s true. Every single time her book is one that blows you away. You read it and think nothing can top it, then BOOM she hits you with Lane and omg it’s incredible! Lane is the epitome of everything you want in an MC romance. Hot, unbelievably sexy, with a biker that’s the definition of alpha male, and a woman who is more than just sassy, she’s a bada*$ in her own right. Lane delivers everything I love from LeAnn’s writing and more!

Lane was so freaking perfect! Not only was he hot enough to melt the pages, but his tenderness with Amelia and his daughter melted my heart completely. He’s the kind of man every woman dreams of and the kind of daddy every little girl should have. It was absolutely adorable how his daughter had him wrapped around her little finger! Seriously though, is there anything hotter than a good father? Yes, Lane proves there is something hotter. A good father who treats his woman like a queen, rides a bike, and is a bada*$.

Amelia was beyond awesome. Sweet as can be, but tough as nails when you mess with her or the people she loves. I loved her so much!!! Seriously, read this, meet Amelia I promise she will be your new book bestie. She had me rolling with some of the stuff she got into, then she had me cheering her on yelling “YAS GIRL!”. Beyond the fact she was overall awesome, she also had such a big heart that you just can’t help loving her. The bond she built with Lane’s daughter was absolutely precious and had me crying like a baby at times from how sweet it was. 

Lane and Amelia together were perfection. These two are #couplegoals! They were the perfect match and built the perfect little family. I couldn’t get enough of them!

LeAnn Ashers is a blogger turned author who spends her days reading and writing. She released her debut novel early 2016. LeAnn writes about strong minded females and strong protective males who love their women unconditionally. She is the author of the Forever Series and the Devil Souls MC.



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