Scrooge McFuck Audio Review


Scrooge McF*ck by May Sage
4.5 ⭐️ Stars

Length: 2 hrs, 39 mins
Narrators: Noah Michael Levine, Erin deWard



Piper Stone’s hunky, rude, entitled, Scrooge of a boss is pushing her buttons every day, but he’s taken it too far, this time. Saying she couldn’t take the holidays off was one thing; preventing her to go home to her sick child? Not happening. She has zero regrets when she resigns.

Bennet McFinnley can’t believe his annoyingly perfect personal assistant has actually resigned from her cushy, highly paid position, and he intends to tell her exactly what he thinks about it.

But when he gets to her place, he comes to realize he might not know Piper as well as he thought he had.

Do NOT let this title fool you! This book is definitely more than just horizontal action with a Christmas backdrop!

Playing on the theme of Scrooge, women of the past, present, and future teach Ben McFinnley lessons about the true meaning of love. Laugh-out-loud funny, sexy, and endearing, this is one incredibly well done novella. The story is well crafted and characters are very solid despite it’s short length not unlike other books by May Sage. She’s a master of sorts when it comes to packing a punch in shorter length books.

Noah Micheal Levine and Erin deWard continue to narrate the second book in the Shy Girls Do It series and I’m so glad about it! Each is fantastic with their comedic timing and neither is shy about the sometimes very saucy dialogue. Their chemistry with one another is great and bring out in this duet style narration the fun, sexy, and sweet feels effortlessly.



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