Audio Review: Like A Memory by Abbi Glines 

Like A Memory by Abbi Glines

Narration: Charlotte North, Mathew Holland

Length: 6 hrs, 43 mins
💥💥💥 1/2 Sonic Booms

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One memory. One special summer. The one thing Bliss had lost herself in when the fear and sickness were too much, moments never to be damaged by the harsh reality that followed… until now. Bliss York didn’t live a normal teenage life. She didn’t go to Friday night football games, walk the halls with her friends every day, go to her prom or even walk to receive her diploma. It had all been taken from her the fall that she was fifteen years old and she was given the diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. She had leukemia. Seven years after spending a summer with a girl who he knew would always be his first love and the one who got away, Nate Finlay returns to Sea Breeze to help his fiancé open her new boutique clothing store. When the new employee walks in Nate is taken back seven years to the girl he thought he’d love forever. The one who never answered his calls or returned his text. The one who shut him out completely with not even a goodbye and broke his heart. They’ve each become someone different. No longer the young teens with stars in their eyes. But does that matter when your heart still says that’s the one.


Okay, so I’m a huge Abbi Glines fan and have read all her previous books. I was expecting more of the same magic as with her Rosemary Beach and Seabreeze series and this is a completely new one.

We do get to hear about previous characters which totally warmed my bookworm heart and we get to catch with them a bit. Still, the characters seem a bit two-dimensional and never fully come alive for me. The main story between Bliss and Nate is a total slow burn until about midway through and then their story begins to takes off. We never really get glimpses of their romance when they were younger which made me a bit sad, but we do get glimpses at other characters. (Get your family tree out for this one!) Still, the story had enough Abbi Glines magic to pull it off and make me like it. This book was good, it just wasn’t amazing like I’m used to. 3.5 Stars.

Narration by Charlotte North and Mathew Holland was great. It was my first time listening to either narrator and I’ve got to say that I really enjoyed Charlotte’s performance. Hers really stood out for me. I’ll definitely be looking for more of her audios. Mathew was also great as Nate and together with Charlotte they did a great job bringing this book to life.



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