New Release + Review: Finding Redemption by Emilia Finn


Finding Redemption, book five of the Rollin On series by Emilia Finn is LIVE!


Jon Hart clawed his way out of hell. He sat in the fire for the first fifteen years of his life but he finally escaped with his baby sister and as few scars as he could get away with.
Jon swore his poisonous bloodline would die out with him.

That was until he met Casey Irvine, the one woman in the entire world that has him wishing things could be different.

He refuses to set into motion that same cycle from his past, but the thought of letting her go is just as impossible.

She’ll want more. Of course she will. She’s beautiful and perfect and deserves the world. Friends with benefits can only work for so long.

What painful secret has Jon been holding onto his entire life? A secret no one knows, not even his brothers or best friend.

Not all is at it seems though; Casey has her own secret, a secret big enough it might ruin their world and any chance they might have ever had at happiness.

This is a story about friends. Lovers. Enemies. Casey is all three for him, and so much more.

Finding Redemption is the fifth installment in the Rollin On Series.

This is not a standalone and the previous books in the series should be read first.


FIVE 🎩🎩🎩🎩🎩 hats from Hatter 

Every book in this series continues to get better than the one before. Finding Redemption was a breathtaking journey filled with heartbreak, passion, love, and laughter. I think I experienced the full range of emotion while reading Jon and Tink’s story. Written so beautifully I was fully immersed into their world. I sobbed with both Jon and Tink, I laughed hysterically with Tink’s sass and the sarcastic humor that runs through the entire Rollin’ family, I cried tears of happiness when the love between them was so powerful it almost hurt. The entire Rollin’ On series is phenomenal, but this book, it blew me away.

We go back to the very beginning with Jon and Tink in Finding Redemption. All the way back to that very first night when Kit and Bobby met. We get to follow what we didn’t see in the rest of the series. Being one of my all time favorite series I thought I knew everything like the back of my hand. I was so wrong. You won’t believe what was happening behind the scenes with these two. You’re treated to a whole new view of characters you thought you knew and a new perspective on things that happened before. Spanning from childhood all the way to the present, you learn so much about the man Jon really is. And what an amazing and incredible man he is.

I’ve made it very clear I have a favorite man out of this bunch (I’m looking at you Jack! XOXO) but Jon, sweet, hidden, misunderstood, Jon, he gave my favorite a run for his money. Jon and Tink both shattered my heart more than once throughout their journey but it made their happiness so much more beautiful when they got it. This is an absolute MUST READ. I would shout it from the rooftops if I could. READ THIS SERIES! READ JON AND TINK!


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About The Author


Emilia is Australian and lives on the East Coast with her husband and children.

She’s a real life martial arts enthusiast, has competed in many full contact tournaments over the years and has a big display shelf full of pretty trophies to show for it.

Emilia thinks she’s pretty damn funny, she’s a mum to two littles who still keep her up at night, and she married her real life fighter as well.

Between changing diapers and cooking food her kids refuse to touch, she writes her books, submerging herself in the world of Kincaid. It’s a wonderful place to be. She hopes to see you there. x

Find Emilia Here

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