Foster An Author 3: A Fun Interview with Jasmine Flowerday


Today we’re super excited to do a fun interview with the wonderful Jasmine Flowerday! Author of Veiled Embers, all around awesome lady! (We kind of love Jasmine a lot around here!) before the interview here’s a bit about Jasmine:

Jasmine is an American Author in her mid-thirties. She is the mother of two smart and beautiful boys (don’t tell them that she used the word beautiful). She and her sister, Adrianne, have bought a house out in the country and are raising their kids together. A solid product of the California 90’s, Jasmine is finding that the Midwest country life is an adventure.
Jasmine has endured a lifelong addiction to coffee, chocolate, and doughnuts (in that order). Rainy days are her favorites because she feels obligated to curl herself under a blanket with a good book and hot cocoa. This is almost always accompanied by four dogs and two cats making themselves comfortable wherever they can find a spot on her. She chooses to believe that they are making sure that she is warm and cozy, and not that they are really trying to smother the life out of her.
Spending an inordinate amount of her childhood in her own head, coming up with fantasies, and creative stories; writing was one of her favorite things to do. She loves just about any kind of creative outlet, and her hobbies are endless and ever expanding. The one thing that was persistent above the rest was writing.
Growing up in a household of furry little fluffballs, called Pomeranians, Jasmine has found a special connection with animals. She always seems to have them around. This shows up in her writing. Even when she decides that they are going to sit a story out, they worm their way in, and often with talking roles. They are very sneaky!
Between the five kids, four dogs, three adults, two cats and a turtle named Mayim, Jasmine never lacks for creative inspiration. Every once in a while, she loves to throw some personal experiences into her story line and enjoys sharing the fun worlds that she creates in her head with her readers.


You can find Jasmine here:



Red- What inspired you to write Veiled Embers?

Jasmine-I am always inspired by my dreams. I dream every time I sleep! I tell my sister about my dreams and she tells me whether or not to write them down for future book ideas. This particular one I had about a year and a half to two years ago. I don’t really date them, I just write down what I can remember, to jog it later. This one, I had a dream about a teen girl, named Savannah, who was forced to hide and steal. Her mother spent a lot of time on the couch…sick or something. When her mother went missing in the dream, her grandmother with bright pink hair showed up. She walked around to a pitiful garden, stuck her hand in the ground and vegetables magically grew. This is how I created Kites. At first, I thought that it would be witches, but turned out that they were very different. In the second book you find out how they are able to manipulate all kinds of energy.

Red-What are some details about the unique supernatural races you’ve made in your books?

Jasmine- The Kites manipulate all energy. They are born with clear hair, and it becomes the color of the first flora that they come into contact with. When they manipulate energy, they leave behind a colorful residue that doesn’t dissipate for hours (depending on how concentrated their manipulation was). The main character, Savannah, has lime green hair with yellow highlights. Her mother has teal hair. All Kites have gray eyes that glow a different color depending on what energy they are manipulating. Their blood is the color of magenta, so when she blushes, her cheeks become more of a pink color, than red.

Morphlings are another race that I created. They have the ability to change into any living thing as long as they have made contact with it. When a Morphling is pregnant, they try to touch as many living things (mostly animals) as possible, to give their baby several abilities. No one knows the true form of a Morphling, because they can come out of the womb as anything that the mother touched while she was pregnant. They also have the ability to change their gender. Most don’t pick one until they are about 8 years old.The main Morphling that you get to meet in Veiled Embers is Samuel. You find out that, like most Morphlings, he was homeschooled until he was 8 and had chosen a gender. He had actually picked his fairly young, but before picking the gender his name was Sam or Sammy. All young Morphlings that reside among Humans have a gender-neutral name. In the book, you find out that Wizards from the Arc (a place for Supernaturals to reside together. It is located in Antarctica, hidden by spells) actually created Morphlings to be spies. The Wizards messed with genetics and used the blood of Werewolves, fae, and other races to create them.

The bad race that I created was Siphons. They have the ability to be invisible, unless they are attacking someone. They physically suck the souls out of people. When they open their mouths, most everyone hears is the screaming pain of the thousands of souls that they have sucked in the past. They were also created by meddling Wizards. A very twisted Wizard did experiments on souls. He ripped them in half and tried to fuse them with other halves. I don’t think I add these details until the second book, though. Savannah is so far the only one who is able to kill the Siphons.

Samuel’s best friend is a Lycanthrope (Werewolf) named Harry. The three of them try to find Lanie, Savannah’s mom, when she goes missing.

Red- What about the more traditional supernatural races, what are some of the unique changes from the norm you’ve made with them?

Jasmine- Things I changed…most of it is explained in the second book, but Vampires don’t die from the sun. They just have a really bad sun allergy. Basically, everyone who is trying to live among the Humans has jobs and a mortgage just like everyone else. Any old time Vampires or Werewolves are considered rogue or transients. Samuel’s dad is a real estate agent, and his mom is an artist. Harry’s mom is a stay at home mom, and his dad works for the pack. They have the best contracting company in Greenhaven, the city that they all live in.

Red- Fun facts time! Are there any cool details you can share about you, your writing, or your books?

Jasmine- I chose to write third person omnipotent to challenge myself. I had always written in the first person in the past. But, I wanted the reader to have access to what everyone was thinking and feeling.

I chose teens, because I have a 14-year-old son, and I feel the need to reconnect with him. Anyone who has teenagers know that one day out of the blue “invasion of the body snatchers” takes your precious child!



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