Foster An Author 3: Teaser Tuesday – Finders Keepers by Jessica Collins Exclusive Excerpt

In honor of  Teaser Tuesday, today we have an exclusive, never before seen excerpt from Jessica Collin’s upcoming book!


Finders Keepers: Book Two in the Fairy Tales After Dark Series


“Oof,” she exclaimed, surprised when the wall moved to catch her from falling backwards.
“First day on your new feet?” it teased. The voice, low and husky, was a welcome warmth against the blistering temperature.
“Not very original.” She seethed, annoyed she was late, and lost, and running into men who used antiquated pick-up lines.
As she regained her footing, the hulking shape hadn’t yet released her. Strong hands held onto her arms – the tight grip apparent even through her jacket. In her line of sight was the shape of a well-defined chest, visible under the t-shirt of his open jacket. She looked higher and directly into a pair of deep chocolate eyes underneath dark, thick, eyebrows. The dark roots of his hair were just visible under the wool beanie he wore, the scruff on his face matching his hair.
The corner of his mouth lifted in a slight smile, and from her angle below him, she could see the chiseled outline of his jaw bone. For the first time in years, she was attracted to a man. Not comfortable with the idea of attraction, she grew more annoyed.
“You can let me go. I’m fine.”
“You can thank me for saving you from falling.” The low timber of his voice sent a rush through her. She should thank him. She had walked directly into him because she wasn’t paying attention where she was going. However, his cocky attitude coupled with the look on his face, and of his face, got under Jayla’s skin.
“If you weren’t doing an impression of a human roadblock, I wouldn’t have walked into you.”
“Perhaps if you weren’t so self-absorbed you have paid more attention to where you’re going.”
Self-absorbed? She had been called many things, yet self-absorbed was one thing Jayla knew she wasn’t.
Her eyes narrowed as she pulled herself out of his grasp. She looked up and smiled sarcastically. “If there were anything in front of me worth paying attention to, perhaps I would have.”
He opened his mouth to speak, however Jayla cut him off. “Don’t bother. Nothing’s going to come from that mouth of yours that I’m going to want.”
He looked at her for a moment before the smirk returned to his face. “That’s too bad, princess. From the looks of it, you’re desperate for what I can do with my mouth.”
Butterflies fluttered in her stomach at his words. She didn’t know why he was affecting her like this. She could nearly feel the walls she had up for so long strengthening around her. “Dick,” she scoffed, as she crossed her arms in front of her.
“Begging already? Quick, yet expected,” he mused, his lips turning into a full, perfect, smile. Jayla felt her face flush at both her annoyance and attraction to this man.
Begging? Expected? Before she had a chance for a comeback, he spoke again.
“A word of advice, princess. Don’t come across so desperate next time. It doesn’t suit you.”


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